Kent Laboratory University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


The Kent Lab is in search of hard-working and motivated undergraduates who are interested in field and lab experience in microbial ecology.  Research experience in the Kent Lab will offer the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience with fieldwork and lab work while also offering opportunities to learn about experimental design and scientific writing.  Undergraduates will be working closely with Dr. Kent and her graduate students. Students interested in working toward completing a senior thesis are especially encouraged to inquire about the position.

For summer 2013, Dr. Kent is seeking undergraduate researchers to assist with field, greenhouse and laboratory work for our sustainability of bioenergy crops project, and our wetland microbial ecology research.

For wetland research: we are seeking technically capable students to assist with collection of field samples and laboratory assays of microbial activity.

For biofuels research: we are seeking responsible students to assist with field and greenhouse experiments investigating the contribution of plant-associated microbes to the sustainable production of biofuel crops.

Both positions are available for research credit or as a paid summer research position. Interested parties should contact Dr. Angela Kent for more information.

Independent Research Projects for IB Majors
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